Media Artist’s Experiment

“Video Diary NYC – Phone Reality Show Spotlight on Giving Back” is the reinvention of the decade running half hour weekly 1990s original pioneer reality show that predated “The Real World” known as “Video Diary NYC” a Media Artist’s Experiment.

Behind-the-Scenes Process

The new web based combination of short phone filmed videos and blog entries, in a certain sense picks up 25 years later from where the original approximately ten year long version left off, by again giving a window into the behind-the-scenes of the process of media artist, Celebify founder and journalist now known as ABEIFY.

Interview Show Format

Now with more of an interview show format than the original had, ABEIFY has on guests who are from a variety of different sectors and fields such as the Industry of Entertainment including the Actor, Businessperson, Composer, Choreographer, Educator, Magician, Moviemaker, Producer, Singer and Writer.

Video Diary NYC was Born Out of a Feature Length 16mm Movie that ABEIFY Made in which Everyone Played Themselves

In 1989, a before the launch of “Video Diary NYC” ABEIFY wrote, produced, acted in, composed songs for and choreographed a 16mm feature length motion picture that he shot in which everyone played themselves. And in the film it was promised that the story would continue as it was lived. When Video Diary NYC was born as a half hour weekly cable TV show, it was the story of the movie continued.

The Video Diary NYC Decade Long Experiment

The two throughlines of this experiment were to explore the Celebify creative process as well as to find a meaningful relationship. And by the end of the approximately ten year run of “Video Diary NYC” ABEIFY had both discovered a new direction for his career as a media artist as well as met on the show in its final season his soulmate, which was the meaningful relationship he had been searching for. Shortly thereafter they were married and are still together today living in Manhattan NYC with their daughter.

New Era of the Industry Celeb

After the show ended he started a production company and began to help other artists with their own process to Celebify themselves and their careers including for the actor, composer, choreographer, magician, moviemaker, producer, singer and writer. This fresh media direction eventually lead to the new version of Video Diary NYC with its emphasis on the creation of a Celebrity Strategy to Celebify the career and company of an Industry Celeb with a spotlight on giving back.